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Issues & Ideas: Two viewpoints on the SLO County strike

County of San Luis Obispo/SLOCEA
San Luis Obispo County and members of its largest employee union have been in wage negotations for the past year.

San Luis Obispo County is preparing for an employee strike. For the first time in its history, SLOCEA—the county’s largest employee union—plans to strike Tuesday, December 11 through Friday, December 14. The county and union have not been able to come to an agreement over current and future wages and benefits. KCBX News recently sat down with San Luis Obispo County’s manager and met with a SLOCEA member to learn more.

First up is Wade Horton, the county’s administrative officer. He is responsible for making recommendations to the county board of supervisors, and implementing the board’s directions. He also manages the county’s budget. KCBX News’ Tyler Pratt recently met with Horton at his office in the San Luis Obispo County government center to learn why county officials are not budging in negotiations for the current financial year, the current state of the county’s coffers, and what the county is currently offering employees in 2020 fiscal year.

KCBX News later met with union member Jenny Gustavson-Dufour. She is a program supervisor at San Luis Obispo County Behavioral Health. She came to the KCBX studios to discuss the financial difficulties she and her colleagues face both working for and living in San Luis Obispo County, and why she thinks the county is capable of offering more in wages and benefits to its employees.

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