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David Noyes “The Photographing Tourist: a Storyteller's Guide to Travel and Photography”

Credit David Noyes

David Noyes has been traveling the world for decades, recording photographic images of remote places and exotic people, from Tibet to Kenya. Correspondent Tom Wilmer visited with David at Chengdu, China Airport.

In addition to winning an endless list of awards for his extraordinary images, Noyes is also a superb storyteller. 

Noyes has combined both arts in to a new book that’s already garnered more than 14 Gold and Silver awards from travel journalist, and book publisher association. Join correspondent Tom Wilmer for a visit with the storytelling photojournalist/author David Noyes.

Noyes also founded the Innocent Eyes non-profit that provides small grants to grassroots organizations that provide support for children in some of the world’s poorest communities.

David Noyes on assignment in China
Credit Thomas Wilmer
David Noyes on assignment in China
David Noyes at Chengdu, China Airport
Thomas Wilmer



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