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Journeys of Discovery: Hopi artists share timeless cultural metaphors

Courtesy Evelyn Fredericks
Evelyn Fredericks' art exemplifies Hopi culture

In the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic, most of the places we love to visit are off limits. It is an especially painful time for those of us who depend on immersing in to distinctive travel destinations. What gives my life meaning more than anything else as a travel journalist is helping to shine a light on deserving communities.

Personally, a cherished experience was being invited by the Hopi Nation back in 2012 to do a series of radio shows about their plans to start a Hopi Arts Trail. Interviews with Hopi artists, as well as tribal leaders were central to the thematic approach, in addition to attending tribal community meetings to discuss the creation of the Arts Trail.

The world of the Hopi is one of the most insulated and remote destinations in the American Southwest. The Land of the Hopi is home to one of the oldest, if not the oldest, continuously inhabited settlements in the United States. The ancient village atop Third Mesa predates 1100 AD.

One has to make a concerted effort to visit the land of the Hopi as it’s far from the nearest interstate, four hours from Phoenix and five hours from Santa Fe.

Join us as we travel back in time to the fall of 2012 for a visit with Hopi silversmith Roy Talahaftewa, and stone and clay artist Evelyn Fredericks as they talk about their craft, the genesis of the Hopi Arts Trail, and experiencing the land of the Hopi.

If you are planning a visit to the land of the Hopi, it is highly recommended to book a guided tour with a licensed Hopi guide. And Ms. Fredericks just happens to lead guided tours when she’s not busy sculpting in her studio.

The Hopi Arts Trail show was originally broadcast August 28, 2012 and is reposted as a “best-of-the-best” podcast in celebration of Journeys of Discovery’s 31st anniversary producing on-air and digital media podcasts featured on KCBX and NPR One.

You are invited to subscribe to the Lowell Thomas Award-winning podcast travel show,  Journeys of Discovery with Tom Wilmer, featured on the NPR Podcast Directory,  iHeartRadioApple Podcast, the NPR One App & Stitcher.com. Twitter: TomCWilmer. Instagram: Thomas.Wilmer. Underwriting support provided by The Society of St. Vincent de Paul.

Tom Wilmer produces on-air content for Issues & Ideas airing over KCBX and is producer and host of the six-time Lowell Thomas award-winning NPR podcast Journeys of Discovery with Tom Wilmer. Recorded live on-location across America and around the world, the podcasts feature the arts, culture, music, nature, history, science, wine & spirits, brewpubs, and the culinary arts--everything from baseball to exploring South Pacific atolls to interviewing the real Santa Claus in the Arctic.
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