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Journeys of Discovery: Revealing nuances of producing Jack Daniel’s legendary Tennessee whiskey

Jack Daniel’s Distillery, first opened back in 1866, claims the coveted title as Tennessee’s and America’s oldest registered distillery. Jack Daniel’s classic “Old No. 7” won its first of seven gold medals back in 1904 at the St. Louis Missouri World’s Fair.

Tom Wilmer reports from Lynchburg, Tennessee at Jack Daniel’s world headquarters for a most insightful conversation with assistant distiller Lexie Phillips. She reveals fascinating insights about the unique characteristics that make Jack Daniel’s whiskey so distinctive.

For example Jack Daniel’s coveted yeast strain has been cultured on location non-stop since Prohibition. The iron-free spring water is naturally filtered through Tennessee limestone, and locally sourced sugar maple, used in the charcoal filtration process, infuses unique, flavorful fruity and floral esters.

Come along and join Lexie Phillips at Jack Daniel’s stillhouse to discover the rest of the story.Underwriting support for Journeys of Discovery provided by Nashville's Big Back Yard economic initiative focused on rural communities in the southwest quarter of Tennessee and the Shoals Region of Northern Alabama.

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