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Challenges and Opportunities in Climate Change

Broadcast date: 4/23/2015

Climate change is real and it is happening now. There is clear scientific consensus and understanding of the cause and effect relationships. It has already begun to adversely affect the economy, health and global social stability, and humans are mainly responsible for it. The problem is serious, but experts believe it is solvable, not with expensive new technology, but with political will and by taking action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The longer we wait the more expensive and difficult it will be to solve.

What is being done to address the problem? Why isn’t more action being taken to deter the crisis? What can I do to reduce the risk of Climate Change?

Join host Fred Munroe as he speaks with guests Ray Weymann, a member of the National Academy of Sciences, who since retiring from his career in astrophysics has used his experience to give numerous lectures in climate science and is one of the founders of the Climate Science Rapid Response Team, James Cole, who has worked with the California Institute for Energy and Environment and as Chief Scientist with the New York State Energy Authority, and George Williams, past chairman of the Business Council for Sustainable Energy, as they discuss what needs to be done to overcome the climate change crisis.

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