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Impressive rain totals from latest storm system to sweep across Central Coast

Dan Van Beveren

The latest storm system to pass over the Central Coast helped boost local rain totals by a significant amount, according to the National Weather Service.

Portions of the Central Coast saw the heaviest rainfall of the year for a 24 hour period.

As of Tuesday evening, the Airport in San Luis Obispo recorded 1.27 inches, and Paso Robles saw 1.16. The Three Peaks weather station in southern Monterey County recorded 6.02 inches on Tuesday.

Other impressive readings included (all in inches):

  • Anderson Peak (Monterey Co.) - 5.35
  • Santa Margarita (SLO Co.) - 3.64
  • Mining Ridge (Monterey Co.) - 3.58
  • Las Tablas (SLO Co.) - 2.47

Santa Barbara County was on the southern edge of Tuesday's storm and saw lower rain totals:

  • Vandenberg - 0.58
  • Santa Barbara - 0.47
  • Santa Maria - 0.34

Both Santa Barbara and Santa Maria are still well behind their annual totals for the year.
So far this January, the jet stream has pushed storms into Northern California. During typical El Niño years, Southern California gets the bulk of the rain.