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Central Coast beach cities anticipate possible flooding

National Weather Service

Large stretches of the Central Coast could see flooding this week because of a combination of unusually high tides and a strong Pacific storm in the Gulf of Alaska. 

The San Luis Obispo County Office of Emergency Services says residents and businesses in low-lying coastal areas should prepare for the possibility of flooding over the next several days. From nine to eleven o'clock on the mornings of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are when the conditions are expected to peak, putting these areas most at risk.

Kelly Van Buren sent out the county's information and said the forecast is indicating a possibility for 15 foot wave sets.

"We see big surf here fairly often, so it's just larger waves, and a little bit of a higher water level. So we're not talking evacuation of our coastal areas, we're talking those areas, businesses, that are along the beach front," said Van Buren. "If they are affected by waves in high surf events, it's more likely this week because of the higher tides."

In San Luis Obispo County, the areas most likely to be affected include the beaches in the Pismo and Oceano area.

Santa Barbara County issued a statement as well and said the coastal areas from Gaviota north have the greatest chance of being affected, but the South Coast should be fine.