UC admits record number of transfers

Jul 12, 2018

The University of California says it's admitting a record number of transfer students for the upcoming school year. 

The emphasis on transfers is part of an agreement between UC and the state Legislature to widen access for California community college students.

"That collaboration is really paying off, as you can tell, by our record-setting transfer acceptance pool," said  Robin Holmes-Sullivan, vice-president of student affairs.

UC has offered nearly 137,000 students admission at its nine undergraduate campuses. That includes more than 28,000 transfer students, mostly from California community colleges - an eight percent increase from last year.

Holmes-Sullivan said UC has surpassed goals set for adding California students by the 2018-19 academic year.

"The agreement that we had with the legislature, was for us to increase by 10,000 students," Holmes-Sullivan said. "And we've actually exceeded that goal and we anticipate that we will be somewhere in the range of potentially 15,000 more students."

Preliminary figures show that - for transfer students - UC admits three out of four applicants. For freshman students it's about 60 percent.