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Badly-burned Panda the Steer finds new home in Grass Valley


Here’s an update about Panda the Steer, the badly burned animal that was set on fire last fall during an act of animal cruelty while being housed in a barn at Paso Robles High School. He’ll be heading for greener pastures soon.

A Ventura County woman says she has made a deal with the steer's owner to buy Panda prior to the upcoming terminal auction at the Mid State Fair. State rules require animals sold at terminal auctions be slaughtered and processed.

Marcy Christmas said she’s already made a down payment of $2,000 on Panda and will complete the transaction next week with an additional $8,000.

"Well, it means a lot to me because when I first read this story, that was the outcome I was hoping for," said Christmas. "I wanted to pay for the veterinarian bills for the cow but that was paid for by the school and so then I realized that the ultimate destination was going to be slaughter."

But for now slaughter is not in the steer's future. Instead, Panda will be sent to an animal sanctuary in Grass Valley called Animal Place. The sanctuary recently became a hit on social media following a video showing a goat and donkey (Mr. G and Jellybean) reunited.

Christmas said she has already paid for the transportation to get the steer from Paso Robles to Grass Valley, and will make a donation to Animal Place as well, in an effort to help with the animal's future feed costs.

There has been no explanation as to why the steer was set on fire last October. Police arrested 23-year-old Garrett Kaplan back in May in connection with the crime.

Video of Panda the Steer after recovering from the burns.


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