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Opiates In Our Community

In 2013 ACTION reported more than three quarters of the people they interviewed in San Luis Obispo County were concerned about drug, tobacco and alcohol abuse. Among these groups of drugs, rates of opiate addiction across the nation are increasing at alarming rates.  Last year, the Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN) noted a dramatic 183% increase in emergency room intakes associated with pharmaceutical opiates and opioids from 2004 to 2011. Heroin intakes also increased by 21%. To confirm the gravity of the problem, a report issued by San Luis Obispo County Drug and Alcohol Services indicated deaths associated with this type of drug use have now bypassed those associated with alcohol and the trend is on the increase.  

How is the community addressing this dangerous trend? Where can individuals get help to battle this deadly disease? Host Kris Kington-Barker is joined by guests from San Luis Obispo County Drug and Alcohol Services, Division Manager, Star Graber, PhD, LMFT, and Katie Dolezal, RN, BSN, Ken Starr, MD, with the Addiction Medicine Group,  as well as individuals sharing their personal experiences with addiction.

Central Coast Voices is sponsored by ACTION for Healthy Communities in collaboration with KCBX.