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Homeless housing facility opens in Isla Vista

Santa Barbara County says nearly three dozen homeless individuals will soon have a roof over their heads as a new housing facility has opened its doors in Isla Vista.

It's called the Pescadero Lofts and the first people began moving into their apartments Wednesday. The county's Housing Authority hopes to have everyone moved in by Christmas.

Executive Director Fred Lamont says some of those people have lived on the streets for more than 30 years. He says. the facility, which cost about $12 million to build, will also offer a number of services, including employment counseling.

"Obviously we've alleviated the first part, which is getting them out of their homeless situation," said Lamont. "But the goal would be to get them functional and employable someplace so they can ultimately move out and give their space to somebody else who is in a predicament that they were formally in."

The apartments were built on land the county acquired that was previously the site of a defunct frat house.

Lamont says the facility was designed to last for decades and will serve countless numbers of those in need for years to come.