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Culture and Identity

Calling All Men: A Healthy Masculinity Movement

Broadcast date: 10/20/16

Many experts believe that the epidemic of men’s violence and sexual assault in our country is related to what society is teaching boys about masculinity. But, this traditional “boys will be boys” mentality is beginning to change, as school campuses and community organizations are realizing that this type of unhealthy masculinity is harmful to both women and men, in many areas of their lives. Today, these groups are engaging young men and boys to build a new generation of male leaders who will model strength and masculinity, without violence, through a “Healthy Masculinity” movement to eradicate the harmful expectations and stereotypes our society teaches boys about what it means to be a man.

Join host Kris Kington Barker as she speaks with the Director of Cal Poly’s Safer, Christina Kaviani, M.A., Nick Bilich, Cal Poly’s Men and Masculinity Coordinator, and Arthur Goldiner, M.A., Professor of Sociology at Cuesta College as they discuss the importance of positive masculinity, both on campus and off, and what needs to be done to engage young men and others, in order to reduce violence, especially violence against women.

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