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Culture and Identity

Discrimination in America: Experiences and Views of American Women

Broadcast date: 12/7/2017

As countless allegations of sexual harassment continue to send shockwaves throughout the United States, leaving few industries untouched, and everyday more #metoo stories are shared, it is becoming impossible to deny that women face discrimination in America. Yet, gender based discrimination is much more than sexual harassment in the workplace--reaching far beyond these stories, affecting many other areas of women’s lives and can have profound impacts on a women’s quality of life, her family, and the health of the community.

This week we wrap up our coverage of the large national poll by NPR which asks people about their personal experiences with discrimination. We join with other NPR member stations for the series called "You, Me and Them: Experiencing Discrimination in America." We will conclude the series with a look at the experiences and views of American Women. The poll illustrates that overall, American women today face significant experiences of sexism and discrimination across multiple areas of life. Overall, 68% of women believe that there is discrimination against women in America today.

Fred Munroe will join this important conversation with a local perspective. His guests Mayor of San Luis Obispo, Heidi Harmon, Betsey Nash, human resources professional and founding president of the SLO County Women’s Network, and Dr. Lizzie Lamoree, Lecturer in the Women's and Gender Studies and Ethnic Studies Departments at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo will talk about the experience and views of American Women. They will examine both the state of discrimination in America and discuss issues and attitudes closer to home. Join the conversation…we would like to hear from you about your personal experiences with discrimination. Call in a be part of the discussion at (805) 781-3875.

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