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Alcohol citations up, hospitalizations down as Cal Poly Police increase enforcement

Jay Thompson, Cal Poly

Increased efforts to combat under-aged drinking among Central Coast college students are continuing this academic year. 

Cal Poly's University Police Department (UPD) received a grant this summer from the Department of Alcohol Beverage Control intended to address businesses selling alcohol to minors, under-aged drinking and those who are over-intoxicated.

UPD said they gave out more than 100 alcohol-related citations during several special operations last month.

Commander Brenda Trobaugh is with the department and said the number of alcohol citations has increased, but the number of hospitalizations is less than the same month last year.

"The University Police take health and safety very seriously," said Commander Trobaugh. "This campus, as well as campuses all across the United States, have an ongoing challenge with alcohol consumption and over-intoxication, under-aged drinking, etcetera."

University Police can also issue tickets for municipal violations near campus following an agreement between Cal Poly President Armstrong and the City of San Luis Obispo.