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Why out-of-state student cap won't affect UCSB

Wikipedia user: Coolcaesar

The University of California is putting a cap on the number of out-of-state students that can attend certain campuses next year. 

This new rule will not apply locally to UCSB. The number of non-resident students attending both Berkeley and UCLA will be capped at current levels  and UC San Diego will be held to 20 percent according to the new rule.

UCSB's non-resident percentage has more than doubled in the past five years at 9.2 percent last fall. The average for the UC system not counting those campuses under the cap program is six percent.

Non-resident students help fund the system with significantly higher tuition and fees.

Shelly Meron is with the UC System and said that the move will help protect student spaces for California residents while keeping diversity in place.

"We feel that the current levels of non-resident enrollment at these campuses are appropriate. That said, we do need non-resident students at UC as they help fund the education of California students," said Meron. "Non-residents also contribute to diversity and to the richness of the UC experience."

Cal Poly part of the CSU system said that non-residents currently account for just 1.3 percent of its student body.