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Wildlife in urban areas of the Central Coast may be in search of resources

California Department of Fish and Game

Sightings of potentially dangerous wildlife in urban areas this week on the Central Coast have prompted agencies to issue safety alerts. 

 Just this week, there have been reports of coyotes in Santa Barbara and mountain lions in San Luis Obispo. Santa Barbara Police said several people have reported their pets have been killed or injured.

Janice Mackey is with the California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife and says state field staff call recent sightings 'business as usual.'

"Some years we get more sightings, some years we get less, but it's nothing unusual that we've been seeing," said Mackey.

"A lot of times there will be the sighting of one animal at various times that may seem like there's more, but it's just one animal traveling around."

Mackey said it's possible animals could be looking for resources like water, but that this aspect is not a cause for concern because the animals are adaptable and mobile.