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March rains bring explosion of wildflower color to Central Coast hills

Wildflowers are peaking currently in the Los Padres National Forest and Santa Barbara County's Figueroa Mountain is among the top locations to see nature's short-lived show. 

Los Padres National Forest spokesperson Andrew Madsen said Monday that more spring showers could extend the color a bit longer, but now is really the time to go. 

"We really would encourage people not to procrastinate," said Madsen. "It is absolutely spectacular up there right now, so if you can make plans to get up within the next couple of weeks, you'll be assured of seeing a lot of that splendor in the event that we don't get rain and it starts to fade."

Other popular wildflower areas of the Central Coast include areas of eastern San Luis Obispo County, including Highway 41 and the Carissa Plains National Monument.