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Environment and Energy

Costa Rica’s Greentique Hotels—environmental trendsetter

Costa Rica flower
Thomas Wilmer

Jim Damalas with Greentique Hotels in Costa Rica talks about the trend setting hotel group’s four distinctive properties, set within four of the country’s five tropical forests, and the group’s intrinsic philosophy of trendsetting environmental sustainability.  

Villa Blanca is set high in the cloud forest, while Si Como No Resort and Wildlife Refuge in Manuel Antonio National Park is Cliffside overlooking the Pacific.

Aguila de Osa Rainforest & Marine Adventure lodge is tucked at the edge of ultra-romantic Drakes Bay less than 20 miles from the Panamanian border. And then there’s the way cool Santa Juana Rustic Retreat hunkered high on a jungle mountainside with panoramic vistas of the ocean below.

Join Correspondent Tom Wilmer at Si Como No for a conversation with Jim Damalas, General Manager, the visionary behind the creation of the Greentique Hotel Group.

Jim Damalas’s tenacious multi-fold ecological quest to respect the environment reveals why Greentique’s environmental trendsetting practices is one of the many reasons why Costa Rica is on target to become the world’s first “Carbon Neutral” country in the world.

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