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Issues & Ideas: Refections on the 'Conception,' surviving a mass shooting, and solutions journalism


We're back! After a month-long hiatus, KCBX's weekly news magazine returns. 

On this week’s Issues & Ideas, two Central Coast divers reflect on past scuba diving trips aboard the 'Conception,' the dive boat that caught fire off the Channel Islands on Labor Day, killing 33 passengers and one crew member. A San Luis Obispo couple talks about how the tragedy rippled through the diving community. We also hear about one Central Coast vigil for the victims.

Later in the program, we talk with two veteran NPR journalists—Renee Montagne and Kelly McEvers—to discuss a specific approach in the profession called solutions journalism. It's a method of news reporting that focuses not just on social problems in the world, but ways people are trying to solve them.

KCBX News intern Briana Willson survived the Gilroy shooting at the end of July. She and fellow Cal Poly student athletes were selling olive oil at the festival when the shooter opened fire. They escaped, and kind strangers took in and helped them when the group became stranded. Willson describes the experience, the days that followed and what she learned about tracking down emergency information during a crisis.

These stories plus a look at California’s gig economy. Click the listen button above to hear the full show.

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