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Playing with Fruit!

Fr. Ian Delinger
The collection of rare fruits that we played with to make the spectacular meal

Five California Rare Fruit Growers joined Fr. Ian in his kitchen with their exotic fruits, grown at their homes. Kobacha, JuJuBes, Blood Oranges, Cara Cara Oranges, Passion Fruit, Chirimoya, and Farro (a grain)...and maybe a few others in there somewhere...were sliced, diced, blitzed, baked, and more importantly EATEN!! Everyone played with fruit in Fr. Ian's kitchen and shared a meal among friends, and of course with wine. This half-hour will encourage you to do some playing with rare fruits with your friends!

California Rare Fruit Growers
Credit Fr Ian M Delinger
The collection of California Rare Fruit Growers who played with fruit in my kitchen: Carol Scott, Jenny Weater, Larry Hollis, Marilyn Siverson, Alisha Taff, and Fr. Ian Delinger