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Exploring South Bend, Indiana’s Studebaker Museum and the opulent Oliver mansion.

Studebaker Avanti.jpeg
Tom Wilmer
Studebaker's Avanti remains as a mid-century classic.

The Studebaker family started their trajectory as a seminal icon of American automobile manufacturers back in 1852 when the Studebaker brothers started a South Bend, Indiana blacksmith shop.

1852-1st-shop-1852-Studebaker blacksmith.jpg
Studebaker National Museum
The Studebaker's circa-1852 blacksmith shop in South Bend, Indiana

In 1902 they introduced a line of electric vehicles. Studebaker remained as an iconic and sometimes trendsetting manufacturer until the mid 1960 when their last car rolled off the Ontario, Canada production line.

Mid-1950s Studebaker classic.jpeg
Tom Wilmer
Mid-1950s classic Studebaker

Studebaker’s last hurrah was the classic Avanti, crafted by legendary industrial designer Raymond Loewy. The Avanti, unveiled in 1962, remains as a timeless, treasured Mid-Century Modern work of manufacturing art.

Come along and join Maria Drevet, Program Manager at the South Bend, Indiana Studebaker National Museum.

Oliver Mansion Visit South Bend & Mishawaka, IN Oliver Mansion.jpg
South Bend & Mishawaka, Indiana Tourism
Elegant Oliver Mansion in South Bend, Indiana

Next door to the Museum is the 38-room Oliver Mansion built by J.D. Oliver owner of the South Bend, Indiana based Oliver Chilled Plow Company.

The mansion is striking due to its opulence with 14 fireplaces, hand-hewn stone exterior and leaded glass windows. It remains a timeless classic--One hundred and twenty six years later one has the sense that the family just stepped out for a stroll.

Join Marilyn Thompson, Director of Marketing with the History Museum of South Bend, Indiana at the Oliver mansion.

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