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Pismo Beach City Council votes to allow goats

Facebook page: Goatee "The Surfing Goat"

UPDATE: Wednesday, May 21, 2014 at 10:41 a.m.—

The Pismo Beach City Council voted Tuesday night to have city staff write up an ordinance to allow residents to keep up to four goats with an annual permit.

Goats would be allowed in public parks as well.

The council voted 4-1, with the only one dissenting vote from council member Mary Ann Reiss. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2014—

The Pismo Beach City Council will consider changing its policy on goats within city limits at Tuesday night's meeting.

Currently it's against the city code to possess a goat, and if you're caught with one the tickets will run you $400, according to Dana McGregor, a goat owner.

"I've had four of those tickets," McGregor said.

He's now asking council members to change city policy regarding his pets, and says he feels confident the city will do the right thing.

McGregor's goats are somewhat famous for their surfing abilities. He takes them to the beach, and brings them to paddle board and surfing camps he teaches.