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Arroyo Grande City Manager details why he's leaving City Hall in wake of summer scandal

City of Arroyo Grande Facebook Page

Arroyo Grande City Manager Steve Adams announced Thursday that he's stepping down from his position in the wake of an ongoing investigation into an incident this past summer at City Hall.

Adams and a female employee were found after hours by police at the facility sparking controversy within the community.

The announcement of his departure was made public through a letter to local media, including KCBX. In it, Adams said he plans to remain in his "position throughout the recruitment process in order to ensure a smooth transition," and in order to complete a number of "important efforts under way."

As for his professional future, the city manager said he and his family plan to seek out opportunities elsewhere as the current events have created too much distraction for him to effectively carryout his job. In his statement, he details his account of the events as they occurred back on July 3 and addresses public concerns about a cover-up. 

"There was no so called 'cover-up,'” Adams said in his statement. "I actually called a meeting of my executive team the first work day following the incident to inform them of what had happened. Personnel matters are not publicized, which is not the same as a cover-up."

"I continue to confirm my earlier statements that nobody was at any time unclothed or partially clothed," Adams said.

According to the statement, Adams plans to cooperate with the current investigation and commended the mayor and city council for the manor in which they have dealt with it.

The City Council met at the end of last month and determined that a third-party, independent investigation is necessary.

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