BREAK NIGHT movie filmed in 8 days for $50K—a conversation with the producer Barbara Barrielle

Jan 14, 2018

Barbara Barrielle (left) with her daughter (and actress in Break Night) Charlotte Barrielle on the film location set
Credit Courtesy Barbara Barrielle

BREAK NIGHT is a police thriller movie made for less than $50,000 in eight days (with on-location filming in Oakland, California). A conversation with Producer, Barbara Barrielle.

The movie tells the story of Jimmy Hill, a lifetime criminal who has one night to repay a debt before he can leave town and win back the love of his now drug-addicted former girlfriend.

A former partner and a burned-out cop are just two of the obstacles in his way. 

Director's Cut from Break Night movie
Credit Courtesy Barbara Barrielle

Break Night Release date: January 16, 2018 on Amazon, iTunes, Hudu and dozens of other platforms by Gravitas Ventures.

Directors Cut
Credit Courtesy Barbara Barrielle

Director - Joel Souza

Lead Actors:

Jared Abrahamson

Devon Werkheiser

Veronica Lavery

Kayleigh Gilbert

Directors Cut
Credit Courtesy Barrbara Barrielle

*The movie was made under the title VERACRUZ

Barbara Barrielle (left) with correspondent Tom Wilmer
Credit Simo Nylander
Barbara Barreille (left) with her daughter/actress Charlotte Barrielle at Sonoma International Film Festival
Credit Courtesy Barbara Barielle

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