The future isn’t what it used to be with Atlas Obscura’s virtual reality travel experience

Sep 5, 2017


Host Tom Wilmer visits with Cal Poly Intern Randy Hair (Left) Virginia Scripps (Center) and Kain Tietzel, CEO of StartVR (Right) in the KCBX NPR affiliate studio in San Luis Obispo, California
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Kain Tietzel, CEO and founder of Sydney, Australia based Start VR talks about the newly released Atlas Obscura VR (virtual reality) hi-fidelity virtual travel experience.

Join Tietzel, Virginia Scripps with Los Angeles based Press Kitchen PR, and Cal Poly intern Randi Hair as we explore the new frontier of virtual world travel via a smart phone and headset.

viewers transported to foreign lands via VR headsets
Credit StartVR

Atlas Obscura VR is a brilliantly captured, hi-fidelity, self-paced virtual travel experience unlike anything you have seen before. Featuring incredible imagery, fascinating stories and hidden interactive gems that will transport you to the most amazing locations in the world.

Viewing other worlds with VR headset

In Season One you will explore three fascinating locations, with over 45 minutes of interactive adventure including; * Winchester House (USA) * The Temples of Damanhur (Italy) * The salt mines of Salina Turda (Romania) Plus, unlock up to 50 fascinating virtual articles with more interactive content and adventure to be released over the coming months.

The Atlas Obscura VR app is now available in the Oculus store for the Gear VR headset and will soon be available for other platforms. 

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