How to skip the security line at one Central Coast airport

Sep 30, 2015

A local airport wants its passengers to be able to skip the security line. Enrollment for 'TSA Pre Check' at the Santa Barbara Airport is now being extended through the last week of October. It's the only Central Coast airport participating currently.

Credit Flickr member DieselDemon

Roughly 900 passengers enrolled recently in Santa Barbara Airport's Pre Check program, selling out available slots.

The TSA screens passengers and gives them a 'Known Traveler Number.' This number is included on passengers' boarding passes for all participating airlines and airports.

Lynn Houston is with the Santa Barbara Airport and said flying is not what it used to be and that they want to make it easier on their customers.

"You go in, you don't take your shoes off, you don't take the little 3 oz. things out of your bag, you leave your computer in," said Houston. "I have to say it's civilized."

The 'Known Traveler Number' is valid for five years.