Journeys of Discovery: California National Guard’s premier training facility

May 13, 2019

Camp Roberts—located on the San Luis Obispo/Monterey county line—was America’s largest Army training base during World War II. Close to half a million infantry and artillery troops went through basic training at the base during the war.

Today, under the command of the California National Guard, Camp Roberts provides an array of technical training programs, including military police, urban assault, field-artillery exercises, unmanned aeriel vechicle (UAV), drone, and virtual reality training on the 43,000 acre-base. More than 250,000 troops train at Camp Roberts annually, including the British Army, Cal Fire and various police agencies, served by 300 full-time military and civilian staff.

Join correspondent Tom Wilmer at Camp Roberts California National Guard training base for the inside story with Garrison Commander, Lt. Col. Robert Horvath.