Modern Day Slavery—The Crime of Human Trafficking

Jun 10, 2014

What is human trafficking? This serious offense carries no simple answer to that question. This problem, inherent in almost every country across the globe, is multifaceted and complex and its victims are increasing in numbers.  The human trafficking industry globally earns an expected $32 billion every year. And California is no stranger to these crimes. The California Department of Justice reports from 2010 to 2012, an estimated 1,277 victims were identified, 2,552 investigations begun, and 1,798 individuals were arrested for human trafficking. The state is number four in the country in the trafficking of human beings.

So what really is human trafficking and what is being done in our state and locally to address this issue? Host Kris Kington-Barker is joined by guests Rebecca Turner,  Founder and Executive Director with Mountainbrook Abolitionists, Nisha AbdulCader, M.D., F.A.A.P., Pediatrician and Child Abuse Specialist, Founding Member IMPACT SLO (Interfaith Mothers Preventing Abuse and Child Trafficking), and  John Vanek, Anti-Human Trafficking Consultant, Lieutenant (Ret.), San Jose Police Human Trafficking Task Force and Adjunct Professor at the Monterey Institute of International Studies to talk with us about the many aspects of this serious crime.

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