UCSB study shows success when making several healthy live changes at once

May 26, 2016

Are you looking to improve your life? Feel free to go all out. 

Research out of UC Santa Barbara finds that it’s easier to make improvements to your life simultaneously rather than one at a time.

Michael Mrazek, director of research at UCSB’s Center for Mindfulness and Human Potential, conducted the study in which participants were encouraged to eat healthy/whole foods, get a good night’s sleep, do yoga or other forms of exercise and practice ‘mindfulness.’

“The fundamental skills of mindfulness are the ability to tend to something and release distractions that arise,” instructed Mrazak. “In any task that you choose to engage with, try to engage fully with that task.”

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Lisa Osborn is a regular contributor to Issues & Ideas and has her own blog featuring motivational and wellness-themed interviews and podcasts.