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KCBX Two-Way: Hidden mercury mines in San Luis Obispo County

David Middlecamp/San Luis Obispo Tribune
The Rinconada mine is one of several abandoned mercury mines in San Luis Obispo County.

For more than a century, mecury mines were active across San Luis Obispo County. The roughly 150 mines not only drove the county's economy, they helped establish Cambria as a city in the 19th century. They also played a role in America’s history—from the California Gold Rush to World War II. All of the county's mines have long since shuttered, but are still hiding in plain sight.

San Luis Obispo Tribune reporter Gabby Ferreira combed through the Tribune archives and spoke to locals about the history of the mines for a story as part of the series, "That's SLO Weird." Ferreira stopped into the KCBX studios to talk about her reporting and the mines' role in the history of San Luis Obispo County. 

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