Florence Alabama

Cindy Dupree

Join correspondent Tom Wilmer reporting from Florence, Alabama where he visits with legendary fashion designer Billy Reid as he shares tales from his incredible life journey.

Reid is one of only four American fashion designers who have won three or more Council of Fashion Designers or America’s prestigious CFDA Awards.

Alabama Chanin

Join correspondent Tom Wilmer for a most insightful conversation with Chanin at her combination showroom and School of Making in Florence, Alabama.

For NYC fashion legend Natalie Chanin, it was a fruitless hunt for a NYC embroidery company willing to work on her hand-sewn designer t-shirt projects that spurred her to move back home to Florence, Alabama.

Frustrated with an endless litany of thanks but no thanks from East Coast embroidery companies, it suddenly dawned on Chanin that her network of rural crafter/quilting friends back in Alabama would be ideally suited to work on her discerning hand-sewn designer projects. Chanin moved back home to Florence in 2000 and she’s never looked back. Come along and join the conversation.

Cindy Dupree

Correspondent Tom Wilmer visits with Mackenzie Jo Cottles, marketing coordinator at the Shoals Economic Development Authority based in Florence, Alabama.

Ms. Cottles shares insights about the Shoals region, its affordable real estate prices where $150,00 buys a cool three-bedroom, two-bath home. She also talks about the area's activity attractions, from trend-setting dining venues to legendary music festivals, and an array of outdoor activities from biking and hiking the kayaking on the rivers.

The Shoals Remote Worker Incentive Program targets tech-centric demographics—people with remote jobs in fields like web design, graphic design, software engineering, computer programming, digital marketing, and more.

Courtesy: The Shoals Recording Studio

Rob Carnegie, president & CEO Visit Florence Alabama takes us on an audio tour of the legendary Shoals Region that includes the towns of Sheffield, Tuscumbia and Muscle Shoals.

The Shoals abounds with amazing destinations such as an iconic Frank Lloyd Wright home, trend-setting cuisine, world-renowned fashion designers, and historic places to stay. For anyone interested in music, don't miss the tours of Fame Studio and The Shoals Recording Studio and Alabama Music Hall of Fame where they have been etching America’s music-soundtrack since the 1960’s.

Come along and join the journey to discover just why The Shoals Region is an icon of everything American at its best.

Thomas Wilmer

Sixty years after his passing, Frank Lloyd Wright remains America’s seminal architect. Born on the heels of the Civil War, Wright produced residential and commercial projects until his passing in 1959. A game changing commission was Wright’s Rosenbaum residence, built in 1939 in Florence, Alabama.

GMANE music

Join correspondent Tom Wilmer in Florence, Alabama for a conversation with rapper GMANE (a.k.a. Geoffrey Keith Robinson). Music and hip-hop rap have been an integral part of GMANE’s life since he was a kid in rural Alabama.

Making his mark in the 1990s, on the independent Slave Kamp Music label, GMANE’s popularity led him on a European tour to Sweden and Denmark.


Nashville’s Big Back Yard, an economic and tourism initiative focused on a natural watershed region wending through the Natchez Trace National Parkway, features 12 rural communities. Leiper’s Fork is the northern anchor, not too far from Nashville. The Big Back Yard journey traverses Tennessee’s southwest quarter down into Alabama’s legendary Shoals region—the mother ship of American music.