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The Mad Crush—a Tale of Sean Christopher Weir’s Saucelito Canyon Winery “Cellar Rat” Adventures

Cal Poly graduate, Sean Christopher Weir visits with correspondent, Tom Wilmer about his book, The Mad Crush—A Memoir of Mythic Vines and Improbable Winemaking.Weir went to work for Bill Greenough, owner of Saucelito Canyon Winery in the mid-1990s after graduation from Cal Poly State University. Saucelito Canyon Winery remains unique among Central Coast vintners, as some of their Zinfandel vines date from 1880.

In reviewing Weir’s book, Sandra Silfven said it best in her Detroit News article, “Wine books are seldom as engaging as The Mad Crush…Weir uses humor and insight to deliver a revealing look at the sweaty, dirty, hazardous side of the process, but he doesn’t leave out the pure romance of it either."