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Journeys of Discovery: Dispatch from China’s Shaanxi Province

Correspondent Tom Wilmer reports from Shaanxi Province in Northwestern China, just south of Inner Mongolia. Wilmer visits with Paul Su and Simon Zhang, talking about China’s relationship with countries around the world; the quest to mitigate pollution via solar, wind, and nuclear power; and the country’s mandate to transition to hybrid and electric vehicles.

Paul Su, a longtime university professor in Xi’an, currently works as a senior tour guide with Simon Zhang, a manager with the Shaanxi Overseas Tourist Company, based in Xi’an. 

Join Wilmer on the road in Shaanxi with Su and Zhang, as they share their insights about China today, on  a visit to Mount Huashan. 75 miles from the capital city of Xi’an, reminiscent of Yosemite, Mount Huashan is known as one of China’s "Five Great Mountains"—and the site of the world’s most dangerous hiking trail.

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