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Water Issues and Drought

Record reduction of water usage by Cambria residents, visitors

Randol White

Water users in the coastal community of Cambria are far exceeding expectations for conservation efforts this summer.

Customers of the Cambria Community Services District broke records last month for reduced water usage with water production totally less than 43 acre feet. That's a 44-percent drop from last July and the historical average for the month.

That is the least amount of water used in the month of July for the district since records began in 1988.

Tom Gray is the spokesperson for the district and says July, as you can imagine,  is typically among the highest usage periods of the year.

"This is of course the height of the tourist season, so you have a lot of people visiting with vacation rentals, a lot of people visiting motels," said Gray. "This is the time of year when the visitor population is probably the one that is the most crucial to get the message to, and apparently that's working."

This past spring it was estimated that Cambria could run out of water by this fall, but the latest information shows conservation efforts have extended that period through at least the end of the year.

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