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Water Issues and Drought

District says Cambria's water situation looking better as summer comes to a close

The possibility that the Cambria area could run completely out of water this fall is looking less likely according to the Cambria Community Services District (CCSD).

The District says well levels are looking good thanks to a major conservation effort by local residents and businesses. In fact, some of the well levels are near normal for this time of year and others are low, but not dangerously so.

The CCSD is currently performing a "tracer test" for its planned emergency water supply project. Water treated with a chemical tracer is pumped into the ground to determine how long it takes to migrate to the existing well sites.

The CCSD says it uses boric salt at 10 parts per million, which is considered harmless in that concentration. Mari Garza-Bird, of the consulting firm CDM Smith, say the chemical is "similar to table salt, sodium chloride."

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