Spring is the season full of promise and wonder - new life, new possibilities and a return to the vitality of a world come alive after a long, dreary winter. Sounds a bit like the seasons of marriage - which begin with eternal hope, basking in the warmth of love and connection and then slowly fading into periods of waning light, disappointment and loneliness, followed by the cold, feelings of anger, despair and loss.

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In light of the recent marriage equality ruling by the US Supreme Court, a Central Coast lawmaker wants to strike gendered terms from the federal code. 

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UPDATE: October 22, 2014 at 5:56 p.m.

The local minister who had his credentials stripped after presiding over his gay son's marriage ceremony is waiting for a final ruling on his standing with the church.

Pastor Frank Schaefer was reinstated to the United Methodist Church this past summer, just prior to his transfer to Isla Vista. That decision was challenged however, so Wednesday he went before the organization's global Judicial Council to plead his case.

Broadcast date: 09/30/14

A look at marriage today. Recent studies have confirmed the old adage that marriages are most successful when wives are happy with the state of the relationship. Could marriage really be that simple? Tune in for A Conversation with the Reluctant Therapist, Elizabeth Barrett, about the current state of marriage.

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The Pennsylvania minister who lost his credentials late last year as punishment for presiding over his gay son's marriage ceremony will soon be working again as a Methodist minister, but this time his congregation is in Santa Barbara County.

Reverend Frank Schaefer has received an assignment with the United Methodist Church student outreach program in Isla Vista.

The church's governing body recently reversed its decision to defrock Schaefer and will provide him with back pay for the past several months.