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Business groups get behind extention of San Luis Obispo's Measure Y sales tax

Two pro-business groups are lining up behind a plan to extend San Luis Obispo's half-cent sales tax for another eight years.

The Downtown Association has joined the SLO Chamber of Commerce, in calling on the City Council to put the extension on the November ballot.

Voters first approved the half-cent tax, known as Measure Y, back in 2006. It's due to expire this year.

The Downtown Association's executive director, Dominic Tartaglia says the association wasn't always entirely behind the measure.

"We changed our position once we saw the draft language of the proposed measure, and that was pretty much what we were waiting for before we could make a statement," said Tartaglia. "I don't know what the next revision will come back as, but I'm sure that we will be looking at that again and making another statement whether we support it, or whether we want changes or not."

The association also endorses more citizen oversight for the funds generated by the tax.

Councilman Dan Carpenter says Measure Y funds are used for city payroll raises because all compensation expenses come from the city's general fund. He says it's impossible to delineate moneys that go into the same pool.