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Shark sighting near Morro Rock follows recent attack at same beach

Flickr member: Catchpenny

New signs posted in Morro Bay are warning the public of a shark sighting. Several surfers reported seeing a large shark about 200 yards north of Morro Rock Wednesday morning. 

This follows last weekend's attack at the same beach, when a shark bit a surfer's board, but did not injure her.

Eric Endersby is the Harbor Director for the City of Morro Bay and said there are generally more sightings this time of year, as we move into fall.

"They follow food. It's their main driver in life and there's a lot of life out here," said Endersby. "When I went out to the beach to go on this call, there were tens of thousands of birds, seals, and whales and dolphins-- just life everywhere."

He said it's normal to close the beach after an attack. However, when there's just a sighting, they spread the information and let people decide whether to go in the water.

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