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Santa Barbara PD sees some good and bad trends within the city

The City of Santa Barbara's latest police statistics show some positive trends regarding crime rates.

Sergeant Riley Harwood says robberies are down 40 percent year-over-year so far in 2014, and that continues a trend started in 2012.

Other forms of thefts—including those from vehicles—are also lower than last year.

However, the department says aggravated assaults have been on the rise, and this year is on track to be among the highest recorded.

The rate of bicycle traffic collisions is also trending upward. Harwood says the city's overall street design could play a role in this trend.

"Infrastructure is kind of a hot topic right now in the city and a big part of that is the condition of our streets," said Harwood. "I don't know that the bicycle collision rate is necessarily related in a great extent to that , I think probably more so due to the fact that our city streets were designed a long time ago, and probably not designed to accommodate the population and the amount of traffic we have these days."

Earlier this month, a new California state law went into effect requiring motorists to give cyclists three feet of room when passing.