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FBI, local officials investigate online threat to Santa Barbara schools


Several schools in Santa Barbara County are proceeding with caution this week after an online post threatened schools this morning.

A person in Ohio notified Santa Barbara school officials of the threat which read 'thinking about shooting my classroom' and 'Santa Barbara beware.'

Local police met with Santa Barbara Unified School District officials to discuss the post. Investigators will not reveal the name of the site, but say it's generally used by college students.

While the post was not specific to any school, District Superintendent David Cash said local schools and universities were notified.

He says it's hard to respond with specificity, because of its general nature.

"We're going to continue, which we have done, to involve our teachers and our site administrators to be real good lookouts for any students in distress, and to make sure that our campuses remain safe," said Cash.

Districts from Santa Maria to Carpinteria are aware of the threat.

Local, state and federal agencies are now investigating.

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