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Cal Poly working to reduce the number of drunk graduates at ceremony

Flickr member youngthousands

There is a push to help control the number of drunk Cal Poly students attending this year's morning graduation ceremonies.

San Luis Obispo Mayor Jan Marx says she was asked by leaders on campus to help organize a discussion with local bar owners. At issue, is the tradition of students hitting the bars very early on graduation morning and then, in some cases, being too inebriated to follow through with their ceremony.

The mayor says in some cases the graduates can't walk, disrupt the ceremony, and have even vomited on themselves.

"Neither the city nor Cal Poly has any ability to require the bars to cooperate in this way," said Marx. "So, it's really a question of discussing the issue with them, and asking them if they would be willing to come forward and really be good citizens in this regard."

A joint meeting is planned next week to discuss the matter, with the hopes of getting the bar owners to establish a later 9 a.m. opening on the mornings of graduation, scheduled for June 14 and 15.