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Cal Poly highly ranked among California universities in new survey

Flickr member Rob Bulmahn

The college ranking season has begun with Money Magazine's look at the best universities nationwide.

Cal Poly is within the top five percent of schools considered to be a good investment for your money. UCSB is within the top seven percent.

Among California schools, Cal Poly comes in at number eleven.

President Jeff Armstrong says in order to crack that top ten, Cal Poly needs to better its graduation rate.

"If you look at the universities that are public or private that are ahead of Cal Poly in the survey, they're all privates and UCs and they have higher graduation rates," said Armstrong. "If you look at the return on investment—just those numbers—Cal Poly is the second public university in California."

The magazine's rankings are calculated using a combination of factors including data from, which shows Cal Poly graduates earn on average, nearly $100,000 by mid-career.

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