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Cal Poly student group, president to march against hate speech

Flickr member youngthousands

A march is planned through the Cal Poly campus Thursday morning following a series of controversial events including hate speech and death threats.

A newly-formed student group called SLO Solidarity sent a comprehensive list of demands to the university this week asking for changes to Greek Life, housing, and curriculum to better represent a wider range of students. 

The group cites acts over the years aimed at those underrepresented on campus. They also say there are smaller, daily aggressions that go unreported.

In response, Cal Poly's Vice President for Student Affairs Keith Humphrey said the university will work on short-term and long-term changes to campus programming.

Not everyone was as accommodating though, as the student who issued the demands received an online death threat that law enforcement is now investigating.

Benjy Egel is with Mustang News and reported on the incident.

"He received a message from a fake Facebook account. The message, referenced lynching..., killing him and had an anti-semitic word at the end," said Egel.

Cal Poly's President Jeffrey Armstrong sent out a campus-wide email Wednesday, saying he plans to join the march, as the university will not tolerate death threats and related behavior.

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