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Construction begins on new Cuesta College Measure L bond buildings

Lauren Milbourne, Cuesta College

Back in November of 2014... San Luis Obispo County voters approved a 275-million dollar bond for improvements to Cuesta College... known as Measure L. 

Visit either the North County or San Luis Obispo campus these days and you'll start to see how the first $75 million of that money is being used.

Demolition crews are in the process of removing temporary classrooms to make way for a permanent Campus Center.

Terry Reece, the Director of Facilities at Cuesta College, says he's excited to be at this point of the process, and looks forward to when students, staff, and faculty will get a chance to take advantage of the new building.

"It's been a long time in the planning," said Reece. "We've done a lot of work—even before Measure L to be ready—and we get to see the facilities go up, and we get to see our local contractors get back into play and start getting some work back to San Luis County."

Meanwhile, work on the San Luis Obispo campus is even further along. Reece says this new instructional building is a giant rectangle with large rooms and a far less complicated design than the Paso Campus Center.

"It was able to go in and out of the regulatory agency a little quicker," said Reece. "We already have the approved plans in hand for the instructional building, where we're waiting for the final approved plans for the Campus Center within the next two weeks or so."

Reece said more than 75 percent of the construction jobs associated with the projects to date have gone to local companies. He said the building process should start this spring and is expected to take roughly 18 months.