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Better Design for a Better Environment

Broadcast date: 8/14/2014

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports in the U.S. alone buildings are responsible for as much as 39% of the total energy spent, 12% of the water consumed, 68% of the electricity used, and 38% of all carbon dioxide emissions. Because buildings can have such a dramatic impact on our natural resources, the economy and our health a growing number of professionals are changing the way they design and build to reduce these negative effects on our environment and lives. Innovative research into sustainable architecture and green building has changed the face of building practices, and today more and more people are choosing green homes, offices and buildings for a better environment and healthier community.

Host Fred Munroe is joined by guests Ken Haggard, Principal Architect, San Luis Sustainability Group, Turko Semmes, Vice President and Founder of Semmes & Co. Builders Inc., and Steve Weymann, a Straw Bale home owner, to discuss the benefits of sustainable home design and alternatives to traditional building techniques.

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