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First ever live stream cameras show these endangered birds in their wild nests

Joseph Brandt, USFWS

There is a new live streaming video service that lets you peak into the wild nests of an endangered California bird. It's the first ever publicly-available live video of wild condor nests. 

The nests are located in remote areas in Ventura County and on the Big Sur coast. Joseph Brandt is the Supervisory Wildlife Biologist for the California Condor Recovery Program at Hopper Mountain National Wildlife Refuge. He said the impetus for the cameras was to better manage the nests to bolster the bird's population.

"It's really a unique opportunity to see into the world of a condor when you're not there. The condors really don't pay a whole lot of attention to the cameras, so you can see them and observe their behavior without affecting their behavior," said Brandt.

The species remains one of the most endangered birds in the world, with a population of just 430.