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Entangled blue whale spotted off coast of Mexico


Teams searching for the blue whale spotted this weekend off the California Coast, entangled in some sort of line, believe they've tracked it to the waters of Mexico.

The whale was first spotted between Catalina Island and Long Beach. Crews were able to attach a red buoy to the animal in order to better find it, as they're hoping to eventually disentangle the massive creature.

Jim Milbury is the spokesperson for NOAA Fisheries on the West Coast and told KCBX that this year has seen a surge in whale entanglements, but this particular case is different for one very big reason. 

"There are many more instances of humpback whales, it's been almost record-breaking the number of whales that have been entangled," said Milbury. "But, this is the first blue whale we've ever had entangled off the West Coast before, so this is kind of unusual."

Milbury says if the whale continues on its current path, then a Mexican-based team will pick up the task. However, if it turns around, as blue whales are known to do while searching for food, then it will be back in the hands of NOAA and other participating rescue teams.