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Local supermarkets to create recycling buy-back center in Atascadero

Flickr member: Konrad Summers

A group of Central Coast supermarkets are establishing recycling buy-back centers, as one local facility closes its door at the end of the month in Atascadero. 

The buy-back center is operated by Atascadero Waste Alternatives (AWA) and buys plastic bottles and metal scraps from the public.

AWA recently told the City it is unfeasible to continue operating its buy-back center because regulations and other factors.

California law requires a certified recycling center be established within a half-mile radius of  local supermarkets, so the City is now working with some grocery stores to establish one.

Nick DeBar is the Director of Public Works for the City of Atascadero and said these centers don't have to accept all the materials the AWA center accepts.

"They don't accept scrap metal and cardboard and things like that. They're only required to [accept] those bottles and cans that have CRV value," said DeBar.

It could take several months before the store-operated centers begin running. The closest centers to Atascadero residents are located in Templeton and Paso Robles.