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Environment and Energy

Journeys of Discovery: Time travel back to 1990 aboard the Rainbow Warrior II in British Columbia

In the fall of 1990, correspondent Tom Wilmer spent time on the Rainbow Warrior II while the vessel and crew were in the midst of an environmental awareness campaign in British Columbia.  

Back in 1985 the French Intelligence Service bombed the Greeneace flagship vessel Rainbow Warrior in the port of Aukland, New Zealand. Straight away Greenpeace sourced a replacement vessel and in July 1989 a former the three-masted schooner, deep-sea fishing vessel was rechristened as the Rainbow Warrior II in Hamburg, Germany.

Fast forward in time—the Rainbow Warrior II was sold in 2011, replaced by the Rainbow Warrior III which entered service in October 2011. The Rainbow Warrior II was ultimately scrapped on a Bangladesh beach in 2018.

In celebration of the 31st anniversary of Tom Wilmer’s travel show broadcasts airing over NPR affiliate KCBX, and Journeys of Discovery with Tom Wilmer podcasts, we travel back in time to the fall of 1990 and re-share the Rainbow Warrior show as a Best-of-the Best broadcast from the archival vault. The show was originally recorded on a cassette tape, so please forgive the degradation of the audio quality.

Underwriting support for Journeys of Discovery provided by Nashville's Big Back Yard economic initiative focused on rural communities in the southwest quarter of Tennessee and the Shoals Region of Northern Alabama.

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