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Pismo Beach says no to retail recreational pot, again

Greta Mart
Medical cannabis, such as this sativa from a Bay Area dispensary, can be delivered in Pismo Beach and around the Central Coast.

Pismo Beach is once again on track for enacting a permanent ban on retail cannabis sales and commercial production within city limits. This week the city council passed a resolution prohibiting retail commercial stores, manufacturing and outdoor growth of the plant. 

The ordinance passed four to one, with council member Erik Howell as the sole no-voter. In November, Pismo Beach city officials considered renewing a 45-day urgency ordinance to ban activities related to the sale of recreational cannabis. The council voted then three to two to let the ordinance expire in late December, which needed four votes to uphold. The no votes were cast by Howell and newly-elected council member Marcia Guthrie.

But this week Guthrie voted in favor of a permanent ban, saying the ban ordinance would allow plants to be grown indoors rather than outside, and odors would not disturb neighbors.

The ban ordinance cannot supersede the statewide legalization of cannabis after the passage of Proposition 64. Under Prop. 64, Pismo Beach - and all California residents - can keep up to six plants per household indoors, and the ordinance would not restrict the distribution of medical cannabis. Currently Pismo Beach residents may get medical cannabis delivered to their homes.

The ban resolution is up for final approval in coming city council meetings.

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